POLAR GP / POLAR Explorer

    Outcome Health’s POpulation Level Analysis and Reporting tool (POLAR) GP
    uses health analytics to understand and respond to population health trends,
    support quality in primary health services and provide insights into the
    local business drivers for general practice.

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POLAR GP and POLAR Explorer have been developed by Outcome Health specifically for use by General Practice and other health organisations. The system combines data extraction and reporting tools that enable analysis in a practical, user-friendly way. POLAR GP, an in-practice auditing tool, allows practices to analyse their clinical and billing data to develop actionable insights about their patients and business. POLAR Explorer is a web-based analysis portal, used by health organisations such as Primary Health Networks, to conduct self-directed data analysis across a large range of de-identified data sets for population health planning, program development, evaluation and research.  

Product Information

POLAR GP uses health analytics to understand and respond to population health trends, identify specific patient cohorts for action, supports quality in primary health services and provide insights into the local business drivers for general practice.

POLAR Explorer, an easy-to-use web-based interface, allows health data to be analysed instantly. Data is drawn from a range of sources, General Practice, Community Health, Hospitals, Ambulance, Government, ABS and other population based health areas combining systems and population health analysis capabilities to develop actionable insights.

The POLAR System provides the benefits of Big Data to the health system enhancing evidence-based decisions that can affect individuals through to broad population groups.

Outcome Health’s POLAR GP

POLAR GP is an ‘in practice’ software product for GPs, Practice Managers and other staff to use within their practice to support internal operations, patient-centred care, quality improvement and business development. This data is identified to patient and provider and does not leave the individual practice.

Filters can be easily added or removed by clicking on the charts and tables across multiple tabs. For example, practices can identify at-risk patients on a range of clinical indicators, audit appropriate medications and immunisations, track patient and practitioner outcomes, improve data quality and pinpoint business development opportunities.

 POLAR GP has multiple tabs for the user to explore and apply filters.

Benefits of POLAR GP:
  • Extensive data mapping
    • POLAR GP maps free-text and coded GP diagnosis to Australian SNOMED-CT and a Higher Order Diagnosis categorisation systems so free-texted diagnoses are not lost. This is the only program that currently does this in Australia
    • POLAR GP maps medications to the World Health Organisations ATC Drug classification
    • POLAR GP maps Pathology data into GP relevant categories
    • POLAR GP is currently mapping SNOMED diagnosis categories to Australian understood concepts of Chronic disease with the Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Identifying patient cohorts for appropriate activities such as health assessments, immunisations, GP management plans and team care arrangements and patient education
  • Data quality relevant to accreditation and other data management activities
  • Understand and track what MBS items are most commonly utilised and what activities could increase specific MBS items
  • Easy to export patient lists
De-identified GP Data and PHNs

De-identified data is also sent from the general practice to its local PHN for analysis to help them identify system gaps and work towards developing better health services for the community.

Patients not wishing to have their de-identifed data passed on from their practice to their local PHN can advise their GP or its reception at the time of their appointment. Each PHN can provide their practices with appropriate opt-out forms.

GPs wishing to have POLAR GP installed in their practice will need to contact their local PHN.

Data Security

Outcome Health takes data security seriously. We go to every effort to ensure your patients identifying information is not taken offsite from your practice. We are constantly updating and reviewing our security protocols to ensure legislative and best practice compliance in line with ISO27001 standards.



Advanced data mining and analysis

This “business intelligence tool” is based on extracted data for clinical/billing software, for GPs, Practice Managers and other staff to use within their practice to help provide better patient centred care, quality improvement and support business development.

Outcome Health’s POLAR Explorer

Outcome Health’s POLAR Explorer is an online portal available to Primary Health Networks (PHN) to capture and aggregate GP data from their catchment. This data is de-identified to the patient and individual GP, but identified to the practice.

Filters can be applied to the aggregated GP data in a similar fashion to POLAR GP to identify population health and service access trends across PHN catchments. There are also a range of tabs that PHNs can explore as part of their population health planning activities, project development and evaluation.

To protect practice privacy identifying GP data is not included. This includes some financial information that is only shown within POLAR GP. However, some MBS data that tracks important preventative and treatment activities (i.e. health assessments, medicine reviews, GPMPs/TCA, etc) are used to track service activities over time.

POLAR Explorer also includes a range of other data sources, including Hospital Separations, Emergency Department Presentations, Alcohol and Other Drug Treatments, Ambulance, Immunisation, Community Health, ABS and other population health datasets.

Benefits include:
  • Range of data types available in one easy to access, secure web portal
  • Epidemiology comparisons across key data sets
  • Easy to export options across analyses types
  • Option to track changes in populations and services over time
  • Health organisations are invited to work with the POLAR team in ongoing development of the web portal to best meet the needs in data analytics.

POLAR Explorer

Advanced data mining and analysis

POLAR Explorer offers a range of benefits for Primary Health Networks (PHNs) allowing them to know the health needs of their community from a variety of perspectives.

This tool extracts, de-identifies and transmits GP data to a secure location, data can be captured and presented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Polar Diversion

A predictive model that calculates the risk of a patient attending a Emergency Dept in the next 30 days.

See our Polar Diversion Plan